Why is a consultation important?

Your wedding day will be unique, hence the importance of a tailored, accurate quote.  

What does a wedding flower consultation cost?

Consultations are free of charge with no obligation to proceed. At the end of your consultation you will provided with a detailed quote for you to consider which is valid for 14 days.

When should I book my consultation?

Ideally, straight after you’ve booked your venue and chosen your dress.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

This is one of the most common questions asked and the most difficult to answer accurately as there are so many variables.

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend?


Are all flowers available all year round?

Most flowers are seasonal with different varieties available at different times of the year. Your options would be discussed at your consultation. 

I haven’t decided what type of flowers I’m after, is this a problem?

Not at all. We work through this with you at your consultation, making recommendations based on seasonal availability, colour, budget etc.

Do you hire out vases or do you I need to supply my own?

We have a large selection of vases available for hire. Alternatively, you’re welcome to supply your own vases.

Do you deliver and set up my flowers and if so, when?

We handle everything including delivery and set up of your wedding flowers. This is done on the day of your wedding. In most cases, the flowers for the bride and bridesmaids etc are delivered in the morning to wherever the bride is getting ready. Flowers for the ceremony and reception are delivered and set up at a pre-arranged time with the venue manager (we organise this).